Welcome to Advisors Prep

Jun 14, 2016

It’s late. I’m past the deadline of when I was expected to get this done and I have to think of some relevant content to post for the launch of the site. Something that tells the story of how the site came to be. Well, nothing could be closer to the truth than what’s happening as I attempt to choose my words to share with you.

Yes, it really is late, I’m exhausted and I still have a long list of tasks needing completion. It would be great if I could find a source to simply grab a good paragraph or two on starting a business. Unfortunately for me, creating Advisors Prep is a unique process that requires a personal comment to convey why we’re here – why Advisors Prep exists. This is what Advisors Prep is all about.  Saving time by allowing the subscriber the opportunity to take and personalize original content for a podcast or broadcast show without having to originate it all from scratch.

Advisors Prep offers a variety of options from which to choose how much support you want in preparing your show.  Simple. Efficient. Quick. Concept to white papers to show script and more. Pick a topic for the week and personalize it and you’re set. The whole start to finished product should take less than a couple of hours, instead of what used to take 8-10 hours of preparation.

If you’re new to podcasting or broadcasting as a lead generating, branding or client retention tool, a point of differentiation is what you create with your show. It’s the time it takes to prepare a reasonable show that challenges the best of us. So I decided to assemble a team that could make that process much easier and provides you, the Advisor, a turnkey solution to producing your signature audio product.  From the simplest of shows with audio only to a fully customized and professionally produced product, you can get whatever you need with Advisors Prep.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve worked hard to provide and that it frees you up to continue to grow your firm, your book of business or, at the very least, give you back a couple of extra hours each week. Thank you for giving us a shot. And if you have any comments, constructive criticisms or questions in general, please reach out to me at info@advisorsprep.com.  I welcome and look forward to a collaborative relationship to help make what we’re providing the best it can be for you!




Jun 14, 2016