Preparation Key to Successful Podcasting

Oct 5, 2016

OK, it’s done. You’ve gone and done it. You played around and made that first podcast and shared it with the office before posting it on your site. You learned a few things too. It’s not as easy as you thought and well, you probably didn’t care for the way you sounded when you listened to yourself either. Perfectly normal. Most of us are much more critical of ourselves than anybody else is.

What you realized, however, is that to be good, really, really good, is going to take time, practice and prep. The reality of it all is that a very good podcast or show can be made on solid talent and delivery but a great show requires outstanding preparation. Your audience will pick up on a poorly prepped show in the very first segment. Filling conversation with current market conditions is a dead giveaway. They already know that or they wouldn’t be listening. They want to hear what you have to say about things that affect them, their retirement and financial stability. That market news is everywhere everyday. Easy stuff to get. Look down at your phone…there’s the app for that!

What most people want to hear are ideas and discussion about things surrounding the market and the impact they may have on them. What we’re doing with Advisors Prep is giving you those concepts in a variety of ways — from simple Idea Starters from which to do your own work, to White Papers for you to send to your client base and potential clients demonstrating what makes you different. Finally, there are complete show scripts for you to build a radio show or podcast from.

Make it your own by adding storytelling elements and deliver it with the creativity only you possess.

It’s our intention to help hundreds of Advisors create an audience, develop new leads, build a brand through the use of our material. We want to help you succeed and when the time comes, we’re even there to coach and take your podcast to a whole new level with professional production if you choose to go that route. Your success is what our team thrives on.

Please don’t hesitate to email us with questions and know that we’re looking forward to building a relationship that allows you to take full advantage of all the tools we provide. We want to be a part of your team. Feel free to share your podcasts with us as well! We would love to hear what you’re doing!