Another New Year and What a Year It Has to Be!

Jan 1, 2018 Well, here we are. We survived the holidays and are fired up and ready to enter into the unknown of 2018. I’m sure some of you will read this and nod your heads favorably when I bring up a stock market over 25,000, but I distinctly remember speaking with many advisors only […]

Let Common Sense Guide Fiduciary Rule’s Future

  Oct 2, 2017 I’m getting tired, worn out, exhausted by the continuing barrage of information on the “Fiduciary Rule.”  Repeal, appeal, inform, beware. I work with our team to support the financial services advisor, but I’m also a consumer with a retirement plan and while I may be just a bit more aware and […]

Podcasts Are Key to Reaching Millennials

  Jul 31, 2017 “Investment News” recently had an article on how best to improve your working relationship with millennials. Yes, they’re different, but so are the progressive and more mature boomers as well. Is your site one of those with the gray haired couple holding hands, gazing longingly into the sunset over the ocean […]

What I Learned from the ‘Incident’

  Jun 26, 2017 I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately. Broken actually. Literally. It’s been a little over two months now since I took a hard fall from 12-feet up.  Damn ladder, damn concrete…Really though, stupid me. I’ll forever have the memory of that late Easter Sunday eve. The crash to the floor, […]

Building Trust Starts With Authority

  Apr 3, 2017 When we were thinking through the significant elements of why people trust others for how we would approach Advisors Prep, one word kept creeping into the conversation. Authority. I’m constantly amazed at how many people re-post or tweet stories or articles as fact when they’re written by amateurs or worse yet, […]

The Value of Your ‘Why’

  Feb 22, 2017 I recently had the opportunity to watch a very brief interview with Paul Pagnato of Pagnato-Karp Advisors. He made some very good points while addressing his firm’s perspective on their “WHY.”  In other words, their purpose. It always amazes me when employees of a firm, or even a principal, can’t clearly […]

Think About It!

  Jan 30, 2017 There’s certainly no lack of uncertainty in the current economic, political, environmental, business, (insert choice here) arenas. With that in mind, it should cause any business professional to take a moment to stop, think and inhale the moment before exhaling with action. I recently read an article on the importance of […]

It’s a New Year and a New Direction

  Jan 1, 2017 For all of us entering the new year with an aggressive interest in growth for our business, it’s not so easy.  Like you, we’re experiencing the dynamic nature of change in everything we do. What was, isn’t any longer. What used to work, doesn’t any more. What we did before, we […]

How Do I Reach the Right Prospects?

  Dec 1, 2016 One thing we’re learning for certain is that our business, just like your business, does not come easy. Who should our service be aimed at? Who “gets it”? Who understands the value of marketing with a unique point of differentiation? Where does one find the right Advisor willing to be different, […]

What the Heck Is Podcasting, Anyway?

  Nov 9, 2016 The term “podcast” remains a mystery to many people. It sounds like a complicated new technology and feels inaccessible. Conversely, radio is simple. Everybody knows how to use one. You know the stations you like. You just turn it on and listen to your favorite shows. Podcasting can be just as […]