That’s a big hill to climb aka “Death Ride”

I’m remiss.  Put it off again for whatever reason.  Excuse:  too busy to get to it.  Enough already. You do the same?  Important things that are big deals and you don’t get to them in a timely manner?  Really irritating and I want to kick myself when I do it.  This one is a big […]

Are You Really Open For Business?

July 23, 2019 I recently read an interview with Andrew Sieg,President of Merril Lynch Wealth Management.  He, like so many of us, sees the future bright for the financial advisory service.  Consider his quote: “We’re in a unique and positive period for the industry, and over the next 10 or 20 years I see a bull […]

Podcasting as a Boost to SEO? Hmmm.

  We’re never going to be able to keep on top of every algorithmic change from Google but every little bit we can do to help can’t hurt, right?  How ‘bout this tidbit?  Did you know that podcasting can boost your reputation and search engine rankings?  With an estimated 42 million Americans listening to podcasts […]

Why Good Content Reigns

May 15, 2019   We have all heard ‘content is king’ and as cliché as it is, the truth has always remained…readers will engage if you provide something worth consuming. With platforms agnostic, and clutter everywhere in every category, what stands out?  The good financial advisor recognizes points of differentiation.  Potential customers are being bombarded […]

Has YOLO given way to FOMO?

December 5, 2018   All right.  I’ll admit it.  I’m treading in the Millennial slang right now but it’s appropriate for the direction I’m headed so stay with me for just a few minute.  If you don’t know what I’m referencing above, let me help.  You Only Live Once… YOLO.  Not something you’ll hear coming […]

I’m set in my ways…

July 20, 2018 I recently spent a long weekend with my 86 year old father.  Probably not your typical, or maybe he is, 86 year old.  Pretty decent health, at least that I can tell.  And since he won’t go to the doctor, visual observation is about all you get.  Speaking of visual, you sort […]