Are you inspiring…or just tiring?

  September 24, 2018 Ugh. If you’re anything like me, you’re overwhelmed by the volume of crap that comes across the sources we use for information. The platform is agnostic. The content, that’s another story. We’re tracked, cookied, retargeted, geo targeted, remarketed, monitored etc. etc. etc. And while I’m not necessarily a fan of all […]

Will Anything Last?

May 11, 2018 I try not to put any political opinion in my blogs but I have to say it’s fresh on my mind since we (California) just held our state primaries this week. Forget the discussion of the structure or the outcome and forget the issues that even surrounded the election, the candidates and the […]

What’s Going On?

Mar 30, 2018 Whoa! Russia, DOL Fiduciary blowup, trade tariffs, stock market bouncing like a yo-yo, new tax laws, etc, etc, etc. Tumultuous times if you’re a worrier. Plenty of info in the news to affect even the most moderate of lifestyles. While we know there’s a lot going on in the world around us, […]

How Do I Reach the Right Prospects?

  Dec 1, 2016 One thing we’re learning for certain is that our business, just like your business, does not come easy. Who should our service be aimed at? Who “gets it”? Who understands the value of marketing with a unique point of differentiation? Where does one find the right Advisor willing to be different, […]

Preparation and Delivery Are Keys to a Good Show

  Oct 25, 2016  It’s not uncommon to hate listening to yourself on a recording. Part of that is because you’re listening after you’ve delivered the message and have had time to reflect on what was said and how you would have done it differently. Hmmm. Isn’t that what prep is all about? Just a […]

Preparation Key to Successful Podcasting

Oct 5, 2016 OK, it’s done. You’ve gone and done it. You played around and made that first podcast and shared it with the office before posting it on your site. You learned a few things too. It’s not as easy as you thought and well, you probably didn’t care for the way you sounded […]

Taking the Anxiety Out of Podcasting

Aug 9, 2016 The launch of a new product always brings with it anxiety — just as you’ll experience when doing your first podcast or broadcast show. We’re equally anxious and excited about the interest, engagement and feedback we’ve had now that the Advisors Prep tool has gone “live.” (We’re still pretty anxious about it […]

Welcome to Advisors Prep

Jun 14, 2016 It’s late. I’m past the deadline of when I was expected to get this done and I have to think of some relevant content to post for the launch of the site. Something that tells the story of how the site came to be. Well, nothing could be closer to the truth […]