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As a 35 year radio veteran, now turned marketing and podcast production company owner, I have some thoughts on this. Tall towers in big fields have a shelf life. (They’re already on borrowed time.)  The recording label industry was all but deemed dead with the advent of the internet and streaming services and look at where they are today. They've figured it out. Licensing fees. Royalties. More artists = more options to listen to on any of your digital choices and hence, more licensing over more artists. More $$$. So... is it too far-fetched to think that linear radio could...

That’s a big hill to climb aka “Death Ride”

I’m remiss.  Put it off again for whatever reason.  Excuse:  too busy to get to it.  Enough already. You do the same?  Important things that are big deals and you don’t get to them in a timely manner?  Really irritating and I want to kick myself when I do it.  This one is a big deal too.  And it’s synonymous with business.  That’s it for the guilt trip.  Here’s the story. Finally, albeit about 45 days late.   For years now, there’s been this event that takes place on top of another very important event that I had participated in for...

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