What the Heck Is Podcasting, Anyway?


Nov 9, 2016

The term “podcast” remains a mystery to many people. It sounds like a complicated new technology and feels inaccessible. Conversely, radio is simple. Everybody knows how to use one. You know the stations you like. You just turn it on and listen to your favorite shows.

Podcasting can be just as easy. A podcast is simply a “radio-like show” that people can listen to whenever they want. Think of it as Netflix or Hulu for radio shows. Podcasting allows people to stream radio shows, as well as custom podcast content, on their computer or mobile device on-demand — on their schedule.

And it’s even more flexible than Netflix or Hulu. Podcasting allows people to stream the show on their computer or mobile device, or they can download the show so they can listen to it later — even if they don’t have an internet connection at the time.  They can even subscribe to the show so that anytime a new episode is available, it automatically downloads to their computer or mobile device.

Podcasting has become mainstream. More celebrities, businesses, politicians and media outlets are using it than ever before to reach their audiences in a new and intimate way, expand their brands and build relationships. And you can too.

Advisors Prep will make planning the content, recording the show, and distributing it via the numerous podcast directories completely turnkey. And we’ll work with you to promote the podcast on your social media networks, and other platforms, to grow your audience.

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