Think About It!


Jan 30, 2017

There’s certainly no lack of uncertainty in the current economic, political, environmental, business, (insert choice here) arenas. With that in mind, it should cause any business professional to take a moment to stop, think and inhale the moment before exhaling with action.

I recently read an article on the importance of stopping to think. Yeah. Think. If only for a minute or two, it’s better than not at all. And in the interest of strategically moving things forward, doesn’t that really resonate? Make sense? How often do we go an entire day, week or even month in a totally reactionary mode without ever stopping to take stock, reflect and confirm direction? (I’m guilty. I do it all too often arsi68w. I say I’m too busy or don’t have time!) It’s in those precious few minutes when you pause to think ahead that you find value. I see it as imperative.

I’ve noticed that every time I do, I come up with another look at things, maybe some important questions to ask that would add clarity and opportunity to a project or simply to take a break.

Hopefully, I’ll not be too busy to do so going forward. Hmmm. Let me think about that for a minute…