The Value of Your ‘Why’


Feb 22, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to watch a very brief interview with Paul Pagnato of Pagnato-Karp Advisors. He made some very good points while addressing his firm’s perspective on their “WHY.”  In other words, their purpose.

It always amazes me when employees of a firm, or even a principal, can’t clearly articulate their purpose. Obviously, the more succinct the better, not to mention easier for all to share. But it’s a point of differentiation. It’s what separates your business from the other guys. What is it that makes you… well, you? Your point of differentiation.

Our purpose at Advisors Prep is clear. We exist to serve by empowering opportunity. Yeah, it’s a bit broad in scope but it represents the ability of our clients to take advantage of our niche, our unique approach of using audio content via digital and traditional platforms to grow their businesses. That’s our “why” and it’s clear to us what that means. When our clients take advantage of our services and share their experiences favorably, we know we’re on the right track. Watching those relationships grow and the quality of our subscribers’ content improve demonstrates we’re servicing a need that has a positive, exciting outcome. More business for our customers is the bottom line.

Does your “Why” or purpose accomplish the objectives you and your clients expect? I would think there should be a mutually beneficial result. If you don’t have a stated purpose, figure it out. Come up with one and watch how much easier it becomes to fill in the blanks when people ask what makes you different.  I’m a fan of stated values. Try it and see what you think. Feel free to share your outcomes. I would appreciate it!