Podcasts Are Key to Reaching Millennials


Jul 31, 2017

“Investment News” recently had an article on how best to improve your working relationship with millennials. Yes, they’re different, but so are the progressive and more mature boomers as well. Is your site one of those with the gray haired couple holding hands, gazing longingly into the sunset over the ocean with Fido by their side? Really?

That “canned” slide, in hundreds of iterations, adorns more financial sites than any other. What are you saying with that picture? Boy, that really separates you from the others doesn’t it? That’s one heck of a point of differentiation. You think that’s going to attract anything but the most traditional of investor opportunities…if even them? Don’t think so.

Why not change it up a bit, grasp technology and trends, get creative, be unique in your presentation? Which leads me to my next point. PODCAST!  It’s your opportunity for word of mouth advertising and marketing. It’s simple yet contemporary marketing. Know a millennial that doesn’t sport earbuds on a regular basis? They’re not always listening to music anymore. They’re engaged and want to be informed in a way that fits their lifestyle; they want what they want when and how they want it.

Do a podcast on student loan debt and how to get it paid off to turn that newfound cash into investment opportunities. It’s no longer just the parents of the millennials you’re serving. Remember, these are the children that will be looking out for their parents sooner than later and you had better speak their language as well as that of the parents.  One generation is used to being “sold” and appreciates the process being done well. The other hates being “sold” and expects the experience to be the process to a close.

Let Advisors Prep help you leverage that point of differentiation to a positive outcome. Reach both generations by taking advantage of great content and using a contemporary platform to distribute it. Your business really does depend on it. Subscribe to our free tips today to help you move in the right direction and begin growing a whole new group of clientele. We’re here to help!