Preparation and Delivery Are Keys to a Good Show


Oct 25, 2016 

It’s not uncommon to hate listening to yourself on a recording. Part of that is because you’re listening after you’ve delivered the message and have had time to reflect on what was said and how you would have done it differently. Hmmm. Isn’t that what prep is all about?

Just a shameless plug for Advisors Prep to help you along. Really, if you want to hear yourself in a different light, knowing what you’re going to say and saying it as you know it will keep things consistent. Nobody is going to challenge your comments as contradictory if you prepare and are consistent in your position. It’s like the old adage about lying. Don’t do it because you’ll never remember what it was you lied about and you’re sure to get caught in the backlash at some point.  Remember, you’re recorded! And…you’re not a politician. Preparation and delivery are two of the most critical elements of the show. Once you really have your material down cold, the focus shifts to how it comes out of your mouth and into a listener’s ears.

That’s the other part of hating how we sound. The negativity is not about what we said but how we sound delivering it.  “Ugh.  Is that really me?” Yes. Get over it. Unless you’re screeching, choking or slurring your words, the odds are good somebody is paying attention. The unique tonal quality of your voice is you. Don’t fake it or try to be the “radio DJ.” It’s not real, it’s not you and it’s dated. Be you. Talk normally. Talk conversationally. Talk to the person who is listening intently to the great content you have prepared.  Talk to your audience like your speaking with a client in the privacy of your office. Relax. You’re speaking to only one person at a time. Enjoy and savor the conversation. You’re the expert and they’re paying attention. You sound great!

It’s Advisors Prep’s intention to help hundreds of advisors create an audience, develop new leads, and build a brand through the use of our materials. We want to help you succeed and when the time comes, we’re even there to coach and take your podcast or show to a whole new level with professional production. Your success is what our team thrives on.

Please don’t hesitate to email us with questions. We’re looking forward to building a relationship that allows you to take full advantage of all the tools we offer. We want to be a part of your team. Feel free to share your podcasts or shows with us as well!  We would love to hear what you’re doing!