How Do I Reach the Right Prospects?


Dec 1, 2016

One thing we’re learning for certain is that our business, just like your business, does not come easy. Who should our service be aimed at? Who “gets it”? Who understands the value of marketing with a unique point of differentiation? Where does one find the right Advisor willing to be different, take a different approach, grow with a somewhat disruptive outreach? We get it. We understand that challenge because we’re faced with it just like you. Every day. How do we reach another 5-10 great prospects? Intenders, if you will. Interested parties. Advisors willing to try something different, uncomfortable even.

I’m disappointed to say we haven’t found the easy answer. Just like you, finding the best clients and the best opportunities comes with a cost of time or money or both. We buy email lists, seek local market data, look for leverage by word-of-mouth and referral. And we find our best result comes from a direct lead.  An inquiry from an email or a referral from a current customer to a friend or respected associate is what continues to produce the best results for us. And, like you, we have to work and nurture those leads to grow them into clients.

Knowing word-of-mouth and one-to-one referrals are our best source of opportunities, we’re comfortable drawing that same conclusion for you. We hear it every day. “How can I maximize my marketing effort without paying upwards of $150 per high net worth qualified prospect.”

Answer: Podcast or broadcast a show in your market. Sure, that’s what we do but we do it to help Advisors like you. It’s really as close to a word-of-mouth referral as you can get.

What have you got to lose? Subscribe to our “Free Tips.” Watch a while. Then do something. Practice on your computer or your iPhone. It’s easy to get the technical part down. Then you’ll see the value in our Advisors Prep materials. Research, White Papers, Scripts. It’s all there to help you grow your business with a unique approach, a personalized approach that can literally be shared with a key stroke or touch of a button on a mobile device.

We hope to see you join the team. We’re happy to help you grow your business!