Are you inspiring…or just tiring?


September 24, 2018

Ugh. If you’re anything like me, you’re overwhelmed by the volume of crap that comes across the sources we use for information. The platform is agnostic. The content, that’s another story. We’re tracked, cookied, retargeted, geo targeted, remarketed, monitored etc. etc. etc. And while I’m not necessarily a fan of all our tools for connecting with a potential customer, I would be foolish to ignore the potential they provide to approach and access an interested party. Here’s the catch; Just because I can get to you doesn’t mean I can “get to you”. Know what I mean? Just because you see my message doesn’t mean you really “saw” my message. Remember that line from your parents? “Did you hear what I said?” (of course you did) That was followed by “Did you understand what I said?” “Did you listen to me or did you just hear me?” or “Good, repeat it to me!” Uh oh. Yeah, I heard you but I wasn’t listening. Heard it before. Don’t care. Don’t need to hear it again. WHACK!!! OK, maybe not your parents, teachers or supervisors took the more aggressive approach but you know what I mean. Just because the message gets in front of you doesn’t mean you paid attention to it or it resonated with you. You “heard” but you didn’t listen.

Back to inspiring or tiring. What makes your message stand out? Is it a long form show you do? A podcast you do? Or even just a shorter length commercial of :60/:30/:15 or :05 seconds in length, what you say and how it resonates to your target is so much more important today than it ever was. Native content? Boy, it had better be good and not just a sales message disguised as content. That’s a sure way to lose an opportunity. Either be a sales message or give something of value if you’re going native. Content is everything and it’s graded on a spectrum of so many different variables and they’re unique to every individual product or service that’s out there. What may work for one category may fail miserably for another. That’s why it’s critical to have a strong understanding of who it is you want to reach, what it is you want them to do and how it is that you’ll go about doing it. Are you going to bore me to tears with a tired old message that’s been done a million times before and think that because you’re doing in on a digital or mobile platform it’s going to work? Or are you going to excite me, inspire me to take action because what you did resonated with me?
If you’re sensing your content and messaging is getting tired, let us help.

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